Following Anthony’s professional drug and alcohol assessment based on the American Society of Addiction Medicine criteria, you should ultimately choose the approach that feels the most comfortable and inline with your personal beliefs regarding your substance usage, management, sobriety and/or recovery.

For people looking to supplement traditional treatment, or strengthen their sobriety, Anthony offers services tailored to expand, clarify, and boost one’s understanding and commitment to Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA).  Additionally, Anthony can help people understand the role that mental health and/or mental illness may play in their sobriety and recovery. For example, the role that depression symptoms may play on continued substance usage, etc.

For people that prefer to seek services outside of traditional treatment facilities, Anthony offers individualized approaches to dealing with the impact of substance abuse on one’s life.  Additionally, some people have found that traditional approaches, such as AA/NA, too impersonal and overly dogmatic and formulaic.  Some people simply want a more confidential and private approach.  Although Anthony believes that AA/NA offers an effective and confidential approach to substance abuse reduction and sobriety, he also believes in the right of the individual to choose.    One example of an alternative approach, that Anthony utilizes, is a Harm Reduction Approach.

Anthony’s substance abuse services are considered therapeutic counseling.